Echoes and Silences

Posted on February 14, 2019
Last Edited on March 11, 2019
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{About The Image}: Picture taken by Me(paradox) in a park in Amman City.

Life! * takes a long deep breath *. Life is strange. One moment you are trying to do that shred exercise in your guitar. Another moment. Boom! You are some thousand miles away from your home. From the places that you keep on meandering like an unknown virus zooming in and out of cells. From the echoes of the walls that keep on tampering into your mind cave.

Whenever I feel in debt to the outside world, I am always struck by this “comparatively” significant idea that your mind is the whole universe in itself. You can create patterns that may not exist outside. You can create pictures that overlap with hallucinations mixed with a little recipe of reality. You can. You really can. In fact if you let go of all the hustle and commotions from your day-to-day mechanics of time and space, you can create a whole “significant” realm inside your head. You can be with someone you like. You can kill activists. You can murder your own self. You can rape the haters. You can kiss your own ass. You can bite your tiny metal penis. On a brighter note, you can defy Elon Musk’s mission to mars and go directly to Venus, wrapped up in this state-of-the-art Armour that can resist the extremeness of a supernova. You can cure cancer. You can act like a body builder. On another part in your mind, you can just be yourself — engaged in the silences of your ego. The shadow crawls, lurks and then finally holds onto your hand. It stands there right beside you, curling its arms upon your shoulders and accepts the fate you are moving into autonomously. It leans towards your ear and whispers, the sound of air echoes. And keeps on deepening until and unless you are back to the real world.

Sitting beside this window of an apartment in this foreign place, without any Wi-Fi, without any people walking across the streets, I was day-dreaming a while ago and this idea crushed my monotone. The idea itself is not new. It never was. But there is something in the syllables that is worth stressing upon. You can always look into it. You can always take a deep dive into the pools of this idea. But it is not really a new one. All you have to do is not act as someone else just to be something else. Just open your eyes. Stay alert and this idea will always strike your temporal bone. It will strike you so hard that you will actually not fall unconscious but rather rise from the dead — the mundane life of yours. Just do not think much about this. Do not go on here and there looking for it. It is there. It is here.

So, this is the idea.


Yes. You are the idea. Just think the number of years you have been into existence. The totality of the time you have been breathing. The oldest memory of you, or someone else or an abstract entity you can remember. That’s you. You are the idea that has managed to spawn reality from the holographic projections of your memoirs. The Plato’s cave is there right beside you. Feeling the lack of “people” around? Just create a random one in your cave and bingo! You can conversate for infinite epochs. You are the reverberation that has woken up the dead. You are the noise that the world cannot escape from. Just do not keep looking for this. You are what you can do. You are what you think. You are that poop that got stuck on the shoes. You are the stone that has toppled the car. You are the iceberg the Titanic crashed into. You are the plane that destroyed the twin towers. You are the bomb dropped at Hiroshima. You are the weapon of mass destruction. You are the virus that can cure disease. You are not diseased. You are just a piece of atoms coming together to form an idea. You are an idea.

Now coming back to this idea. Just make sure you share this idea to the whole world. Because if you can’t, it never really was an idea to begin with. It is the silent whisper that keeps on echoing throughout your cave. If you can’t it’s okay!

You are an idea. You are the reality that keeps on striking back at the things that “matter”, at the things that take you by surprise! You are an idea! An idea that can tame the mammoth - the mammoth you are. Your existence is merely a thought process…