Posted on March 25, 2019
Last Edited on April 22, 2019
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{About The Image}: Picture taken by Me(paradox) in Petra, Jordan

Sometimes I feel my head is the sun
Where rest of the world revolves around
Too close, you get burn
Too far, you get shunned
Somewhere, lies a Goldilocks region
The place of mindful creation
The place of self destruction

Sometimes my mind is a black hole
Where the voices never echo
Your images projected
Like a theory of holographic universe
But this time, it’s the people and their curses
Their inner demons blessed with bruises
Of the battles fought within themselves
Egos and Modesty revolving selfishness
Like twin stars
Dancing with each other
Around a star
That has never let you escape
Spiraling around and around and around and around…
The harmony attenuates
To this lifeless part
The universal art!

It’s amazing
It’s amazing to even be a black hole.
Thoughts come in and never escape
You try to accelerate and go full throttle
But there’s no return
You try to boost with extra fantasies
With the escape velocity
You had never imagined existed
Like a timeless entity
Pulling you to its core
Beyond its event horizon
You are gone…
I guess you are gone in parts

Sometimes I wish I were a supernova nearing its death
Where the explosion creates a surge of emotions
A sudden gamma burst
That inflicts philosophical wounds
To your inner Bruce Baner
Where a new hulk is about to emerge.
But this time, he’s calmer!

Sometimes I feel like an electron
All charged with these negative charges
Ready to electrocute the world around
All you have to do is let me flow
Let my inner demons burn and glow!

Sometimes I feel like a gluon
A strong force
That helds conflicting thoughts together
Like protons and neutrons in the same cage
Giving each other a part of their support
Unaware of their own purpose!
The inner quarks
with emptiness…

Sometimes among the POWERS OF TEN
I feel like a binary switch turning ON and OFF
The parts of which doesn’t make sense
The whole creates essence with its presence!
The world is empowered!

Sometimes I wish I was as hypothetical as Deep Thought could be
Where hitchhikers around the galaxy come and ask
And I compute there silently and reply back
Because I am not sure what my limits are…

At other times I feel like an incompleteness theorem
Lurking around, here and there in forums
Of Reddit, Stackexchange, Quora
And YouTube comments
Nobody gets it
But everyone enjoys the existential crisis
Of axioms and logic

But often…
Often I feel like a tree in the forest
The world of eternal solitude
A tree
That is about to fall
Or has fallen
The echo of which you will never hear…
I ask a question to the universe:
“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”
The universe sits silently
Staring at me
Right through my soul
Gives me a silent gaze
Doesn’t reply back
Everything crumbles to nothingness
Like it was before
Can you hear?

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