Phasing Out

Posted on April 25, 2019
Last Edited on April 25, 2019
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Tags: poetry life

In the distant darkness
You cannot feel me.
You cannot touch me.
Can you see me?

Like a dark shadow
#following you in a meadow
Phasing in and out
of your existence
Haunting your mind

Like a horizon
that is stretched
Beyond imagination
And broken sensation

Like a wanderer
Zooming here and there
Without any destination
And action

Like an Untold story
Chasing reality
Phasing in and out
of living

Like a blank paper
Floating in the air
Without any hope
and desire

Like a caterpillar
In a cacoon
Emerging with
beautiful color

I am an observer
You cannot see
With your eyes

In your dreams
I crawl and scream
Into your mind
Like a parasite
Eating you inside out…