Haunted Streets

Posted on September 21, 2017

1 min read
Tags: poetry life haunted-streets

Walking — calmly and slowly
Letting go of all the hustle
Aimlessly kissing
The time and the street beneath
Where lies pain and misery
Of life among the history
A step I take
“Tak Tak” — the sound of the city
I see people lurking
With greed and lust
Where hopes are crushed
Behind the mask of trust

As the gentle breeze passes by
All I can hear is “money”
Where life rumbles in agony
Not of suffering
But the voices — all suppressed
And “People” inside a soul-less thing
With all the corruption
Within the lifeless emotions
Some lives living
Some starting to live
Some struggling and stumbling

As I wander, often
Something follows me behind
Not a shadow but a timeless being
Among the silent noises
That fill the streets
With hopes and despair
With trust and care
With living and the dead
With “rights” and rituals
With face and curious minds

Walking, running, crawling
As I feel the screams
Of survival dreams
On these streets
Where people laugh
And hatred thrives
Where poor nap
A child without mother’s lap
Where children play
And diseased lay
Where money talks
With the curse
Of a soul
Living in fear

As I wake up
On the streets
Where darkness
Upholds the light
Life speaks
Time lies
Patience falls
Endurance poisons
The streets beneath
Haunted by me