Dear Guitar,
Missing me? I know you are.
But I am not
Wait! Maybe just a little!

Without you,
My mind has become a rot
Sitting here
Alone in this room
In a foreign nation
I miss your creation
All the rhythms and the motions
Music without explanation
And the subtle orgasm
While I touched your curves
Those local maximas
And the minimas
The hypnotic
And yet frightening
That everyone chokes

Dear Guitar,
I know you are not sitar
And I am not your normal player
Maybe! Just a little.
Today I am farther
Today you are cleaner
You are there
Closed up in a box
That noone gives a fuck
Today! You are in a rot
All rusty! All dirty!
Like a bird in a cage
With all the rage
I know!
You don’t have the stage!
RIght now!
I am here!
Thinking about those moments!
The deafening music
The passionate love
The anger with my finger
The silences that were clearer
The frustration that were dearer

Remember! I remember!
The first time I collected those money with figures!
Bought you
Took away from the musical prostitution.
Damn you!
Together we sat in my room
That was the beginning of a journey!
Untold story
Unwritten sorcery
An unmatched mastery
Remember! Just Remember!
The young me when I broke you!
I was trying to play a solo!
But you gave up.
You cranked up!
Finally! snapped!
That B string
Time to fix!
Repairing you was hard
With all the shards
In my backyard
Fitting in a new string
Was like an operation
I didn’t demand
Forceful was my hand
It wasn’t planned
But you could withstand
After few minutes
You were up and running
And so was my mind!
We finished that solo together!

Dear Guitar,
RIght now
I don’t have you
I am caged up in this room!
Hey buddy!
It’s been a long time
A long long time
That we haven’t rhymed
We haven’t hummed
We haven’t jammed!
Haven’t seen anyone here
You friends aren’t here!
Just few days back!
Saw the flute!
But it was mute!
And just nothing!
I miss waking up in the middle of the night
With all the tension and the fright!
And playing with you
A little low
Writing the notes down
From my dream
I feared but owned
Those were rear!
But the notes were clear!
Eventually! It’d be a habit!
Playing at midnight
Like a demonic ritual
For an individual
The music were residual

Hey man!
I think my hand has become rusty!
I cannot see the skins coming out
It has become too soft!
Just like my heart!
I am imagining me and you
With all those blues
And hard rock
I bet I have forgotten
The songs we played together
The music we practiced and composed
Like a meditation
Just have patience!
I will return
And unlock that cage
Then you can unleash that rage!

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