It’s cloudy and dark and raining

It’s raining the whole day. I asked her out for coffee but couldn’t meet. Due to rain the plan was cancelled. Our ending is coming soon. :( It’s inevitable. Life’s like that. :)

This poem is also made as a song here in my channel:

It’s cold in the morning
The sun is dying
The sky is crying
The cloud is smoking
The dog is sleeping
The bird is silent
The street is muddy
The bike is shivering
The kid is jumping, playing.

My eyes are gazing
Out of the broken window
My heart is aching
As it is thinking
My head feels heavy
My mind is lonely
The emotions are flooding
The words are freezing
My ears are listening
The thoughts are echoing
Her memories are lurking
To emptiness that’s diving in
My sanity is fading
The darkness is coming
The songs are mocking
The music is saddening

It’s cold inside of me
My heart’s pounding hurriedly
My anxieties are growing
As her memories hallucinate me

It’s cold inside of me
My breathe is shortening
The coffee is evaporating
As her memories intoxicate me

Other Cold (Moderately Warm) Things