मानिसको भिड, म अनि मेरा बिलिन हुन लागेका बिचारहरु

अनजान यो समयमाम फसिरहेको छुशून्यताको दलदलमाम निस्सासिरहेको छुयी बिचारहरु भित्रसन्तुलन गुमाइरहेको छु

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The Sound of Life

Cheers to my existence. Just an ordinary life in an ordinary world full of extra-ordinary lives.

Imagine a tunnel just big enough for you to fit in. You go inside with all the fear and anxiety. When you come out from the other side, you feel something different, something is out of place for you — the time is different, yet significantly cooler than it was.... [Read More]
When Walking Becomes More Than Just A Habit

I guess walking alone has become more than just a habit. A way of life.

I know it’s hard to thrive on these streets where a gentle breeze of money comes at you, touches you and leaves certain impression for survival. Money has become a synonym for such survival where a life rumbles in agony, where voices echo — of sufferings, of caring, of struggles, of stumbles,... [Read More]
My Melodramatic Life

My life is oscillating with melodramatic frequencies of love, hatred, friendship, emotions, thoughts and shit...

Last night, we had barbeque in my mother’s house. It was a small “happy” gathering of some folks from neighborhood (including my sister) on the roof of the house. The aroma of chicken pieces was soothing to my dumb nose, and as always I kept on biting the pieces like... [Read More]
पीपलको बोट

त्यो पीपलको बोटमुनि बसेर त्यो मानिस धुरुधुरु रुन्छ ..

त्यो पीपलको बोटमुनि बसेर त्यो मानिस धुरुधुरु रुन्छ .. त्यो पीपलको बोट को नजिकै बसेर त्यो कुकुर भुक्छ .. तेही बोटको शितल छायामा त्यो भरिया रुन्छ … [Read More]
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