Paradox. Trying to exist among Chaos, Caffeine and Code (and Words).

Hello! I am Nish.

But you can call me Paradox because life is itself a paradox for me.

If you don't like calling me Paradox, you can call me Gru because I look like him and I am as evil as Gru.

I am just another dot in a dot. So yeah!

Here's something about me

Let me be ego-centric just this time. If people who, in all seriousneess, ask me about myself, here are few things I'd say:

  • I am trying to exist among Chaos, Caffeine and Code (and Words)
  • I am a Computer Engineer. :/
  • I am interested in Mathematics, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision
  • I am also attracted to Natural Language Processing, partly because I find myself getting trapped in philosophy, literature and programming, every now and then.
  • I tend to phase out (and in) of this world. But for the sake of arguments, assume I am right here in this blog, within randomness of words, reflecting from my mind-cave.
  • There were more things I used to be interested in. Not now. Perhaps, I might again. You will never know. :)
  • Most of the time, I feel like an observer moving in and out, observing things (and entitites) as events unfold. I feel like a highly caffeinated shilhouette.
  • I am just trying to see where the river flows with the help of the indefinitess of words residing in this blog
  • Last but profoundly, I am highly influenced by Feynman. That should give you some idea about an abstraction of me

Here's something about the blog

The blog is all about the things I have in my mind:
  • Programming
  • AI, Algorithms and Mathematics
  • Technology
  • Philosophy
  • Life
  • Love
  • Music
  • Universe (I guess)
  • Writing :)
  • Here's something about the blog again.. :/

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