Clean Code
Nishan Pantha / @nishparadox
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What This Talk Is Not About

Comprehensive Guide for Clean Code

Guide for Becoming a Good Programmer

Making You Better in Python

Software Engineering

Sharing Experiences

Things That Matter

Don't Think Complex

Languages Concepts

Clean, You Say?

"We programmers think we spend most of our time power typing.

We Don't.

We spend most of our time looking into the abyss."

- Douglas Crockford

You are responsible for your own code

Proper Names

Less Code-to-Mental Mapping

Coding Convention

Follow PEP8 for Python

Comments Are Expensive

Do not Overuse

Code Should Speak for Itself if possible




Don't Repeat Yourself

Get Out Of OOP Zone Sometimes

Don't Overuse OOP

Needless Layers of Abstraction

Simple Things Don't Need OOP

Code Smell

The Code Death

Read Others' Code

Learn. Learn. Learn.